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  1. Hyuga_Hara (3333)
  2. Kakuhenkan (3282)
  3. skywalker122 (3221)
  4. Justyna (3208)
  5. SoulSlayer18 (3015)
  6. LoveRaiders (3000)
  7. dewin7 (2965)
  8. somo (2945)
  9. yagmylayto (2939)
10. 6th_espada (2896)
  1. Kakuhenkan (196985)
  2. triplew (196790)
  3. Guenin (196745)
  4. dewin7 (195970)
  5. Hyuga_Hara (195810)
  6. somo (195690)
  7. eXodia (195520)
  8. Sandin (195425)
  9. cnellknxx (195385)
10. shadowguy87 (195360)
TOP 10 CLANS (by Wins)
  1. God of the Shinobi [GOS] (40201)
  2. Hero Is Come Back [HCB] (30680)
  3. Power of Hollows [POH] (24391)
  4. No More Heroes [NMH] (11596)
  5. Dark Magician Clan [DMG] (9326)
  6. Bleach Clan Wars [BCW] (7022)
  7. The Real Fighters [TRF] (6929)
  8. The VizardEspada [TVE] (5619)
  9. Anime Empire Universe [AEU] (4346)
10. Onbo Black Ops [OBO] (4106)

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